"As an Asian model, I feel very proud and honored to be in the position that I am of helping others know that no matter what ethnic background you are from people can see beauty in all cultures."


“I am very active in my kid’s lives. I try to be the best mother I can by preparing them for the real world. I try to inspire my kids by teaching them the value of hard work so they will be prepared for life.”


“Beauty and fitness go hand in hand. Keeping in shape and working out are a big part of my life. Being healthy and feeling good about who I am are both very important to me.”


“My goal is to build a business where I can help other women feel good, young, and beautiful as every woman should”

Health and Beauty

“I am all about health and beauty. I make skin care, health, and fitness a big part of what I do.”

TLC Makes Strategic Move on Pete Rose Hits and Mrs. Reality Show

TLC announced it will temporarily pulling the “Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs.” finale from its current lineup in order to air them at a time they feel is more advantageous for the show and for the shows viewers.

Despite all of the misinformation online about the shows status, TLC publicist Shannon Martin insists the show has not been canceled. TLC will not make any assessments on the shows status until after the last two episodes (of six) air in late February or March, which are more in line with the baseball exhibition season.

“They pulled the last two episodes to save them to air during spring training, when baseball is more top of mind. Until those two episodes air, we won’t make a decision on renewing it,” says Martin, TLC senior publicity director.